Title Bid Specialist
Categories Sales and Marketing
Salary $65,000- $70,000
Location GTA
Job Description

The position is accountable for the sourcing, review, preparation and submission of tenders.  On award, the bid specialist is responsible for recording the results and, if awarded to the company, insuring that the contract reflects the information contained in our submission, and communicate the award to the necessary personnel in Sales, Engineering and/or Manufacturing.


  • Review electronic bulletin boards daily for tender announcements and order desired tenders.
  • Analyze tender to determine the company’s capability to comply with requirement, what amendments may be required to the tender to allow compliance and what corporate resources are required to prepare a response.
  • Provide translations of French documentation to English.
  • Review specific needs with sales management, product management, manufacturing and project manager or outside installers.
  • Send Queries to Contracting officer regarding clarification and compliance issues.
  • Obtain supporting documentation from manufacturing, test lab, quality assurance, and environmental group, etc.
  • Prepare bid submission including pricing strategy as reviewed with management and submit to Contracting Officer.
  • Answer queries from contracting officer on bid submission.
  • Determine to whom contract was awarded, for what products, pricing and reason for award.
  • Confirm contract meets same terms and conditions as bid submission.
  • Notify sales management, representative and manufacturing of award contract.
  • Prepare synopsis of contract for sales, customer service and project manager, and for mailing to reps, support personnel and mailing list.
  • Extensive Knowledge in MS Office, Adobe, and Internet Searching
  • Highly organized with superior time-management skills
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills.
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